Golden Health Care – Benefits of our Care

William Albert House - Reading Room

The “activity” of life is a search for meaning and purpose.  Dignity and the inner sense of worth arise from work, daily living, relationships, recreation and other meaningful productive activities.  Our homes at Golden Health Care are designed to support residents to function at “their best”, to participate, and to find value in living and in themselves.

The Highlights of our care

All residents will have access to a call system that is worn as a pendant or bracelet.  This provides the resident with access to assistance when needed in the home. At Golden Health Care, our primary focus is the well being and safety of each and every resident while still providing each resident with a sense of independence and dignity.  A highlight of our care benefits is as follows:

  • Nursing care is available 40 hours a week and is also available on call
  • Personal care is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Physicians and allied health care professionals provide specialized care during their visits
  • Fun filled calendar of activities and day and evening recreational programs are available for resident enjoyment
  • Nutritious home cooked meals planned in consultation with the resident and a dietitian to ensure individual dietary needs are met
  • Residents are welcome to have anything they like from their kitchen 24 hours a day
  • Roll-away cots are available for family members who want to stay overnight