Golden Health Care – Our Quality of Service

William Albert House - Games Area

Golden Health Care’s environment supports involving residents in meaningful activities.  Activities make up resident’s lives, including the basic activities of daily living, rising for a new day, bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and sharing experiences with friends.  Activities and activity spaces frequently play a major role in establishing the non-institutional atmosphere of a setting, bringing more community and normalcy to a home setting.  All of our homes have a small-scale kitchen, living room, dining room and laundry area to reinforce the sense of “home” for the residents.

Golden Health Care’s staffing consists of Nursing, Personal Care Aides, an Activity Director, Housekeeping, Dietary, and Maintenance. We have adopted a “clustering” philosophy that provides the opportunity for staff members to work with small groups of residents which helps to intensify and enhance resident-staff relationships.

To maintain a high standard of care for our residents, all staff are trained in the following areas:

  • First Aid
  • Personal Care Aide Course
  • Safe Food Handling

Our clustering philosophy provides our residents with access to a number of activities in a home setting that encourages success and a sense of self worth in the following ways:

  • Social activity in small groups, which helps residents feel that they are members of a community that cares.  At our homes, most groups will be fewer than twenty people and provide another opportunity for socialization.  In some clusters, groups will be designated as a “special club”.  For example: the breakfast club, the morning out club, or the men’s club.  Activities generate friends, pride and membership
  • Exercise is also a good small group activity.  The cumulative effects of even light exercise performed a few minutes at a time throughout the day are beneficial.  Regular exercise is vital to maintaining the maximum range of motion and use of joints