Golden Health Care – Our Design

Hill View Manor - Dining and Living Room

To every extent possible, Golden Health Care designs its environments to ensure residents feel they are part of a small (rather than large) group.  The transition from one’s home or apartment to a large scale group living situation can be very stressful and confusing.  Some of the stress and confusion can be eliminated by the creation of smaller groups of residents on a scale of “family” rather than “institutional”.

Golden Health Care’s environments are designed into small groups often referred to as “households” or “clusters” in which residents live in small groups of 15-18.  Clustering creates a smaller, more personal environment, which adds continuity and familiarity to the lives of the residents.  Golden Health Care supports the “Aging in Place” concept so that residents have the comfort of knowing that a cluster in the home is designed to provide a higher level of care for residents who require this service.

Hill View Manor - Kitchen AreaEach cluster has its own kitchen, dining room, living room and therapeutic tub room to provide an environment in which residents are familiar and comfortable, and the opportunity for a range of activities (cooking, baking, laundry, exercise) typically found in  homes.  In addition, clustering eliminates the long corridors, centralized nursing stations and one large dining room and day room, all of which are components that create an institutional looking environment.  Instead, residents have a short walk to their kitchen, dining room and living room.  This small living arrangement decreases noise and confusion and provides a therapeutic environment for residents.

Golden Health care designs the environments to reinforce the sense of “home” for each and every resident.  We want the home’s design to support the residents to function at “their best”, to participate, and to find value in living and in themselves.