Golden Health Care – Our Environment

William Albert House - General Store

There may be a substantial difference between what residents are currently doing and what they could be doing with the assistance of good programming and effective design.  Many residents are more independent with the right environment, opportunities, equipment, and help.  The more responsive the environment is to the needs of the resident, by addressing the lengthy walking distances and the need for sunshine and access to safe and stimulating outdoor spaces, the more likely it is that the environment will also serve as a therapeutic tool for residents.

Golden Health Care recognizes that the way we design and build living environments has a significant impact on the health and well-being of the resident who lives there.  After several years of research, we have designed our homes to provide an environment that adapts to the needs of the resident instead of the resident trying to adapt to the environment.

Colors are also used as an important tool in creating and defining space within each household and to enhance the lives of residents and create a sense of peace and well-being.  Different colors are used to:

  • Accommodate ease of visibility for the elderly eye
  • Provide good contrast – especially between the walls and the floor
  • Provide an attractive color scheme
  • Help in area identification

Hill View Manor - Large WindowsGolden Health Care’s homes have been specifically designed with many large windows to bring in the sun.  The therapeutic benefits of sunshine are countless, and the warm pastel colors, domestic furnishings, and concealed lighting create a warm “home”, something we all cherish in our lives.